How to Tie a Perfect Sash Bow

The holiday season is in full swing, and many of us will soon dress our little girls up in pretty stitched party dresses as we celebrate Christmas. Nothing finishes a party dress better than an expertly tied sash bow, of course, but tying a sash bow is harder than it looks. When not tied correctly, a bow may droop and hang vertically rather than stand up horizontally. Follow these steps from Perfect Party Dresses to ensure the bow sits perfectly against the back of the dress with beautifully formed loops and a bow knot.

1. Holding a sash in each hand, cross the left sash over the right.

2. Bring the left sash under the right at the center. Pull the left sash through and leave aside.

3. Make a loop with the right sash.

4. Turn the loop to the right.

5. Pick up the unlooped sash and place it over the looped sash.

6. Bring the left sash under the looped sash and through the gap underneath.

7. Pull on the looped ends to form the bow.

8. Adjust the size of the loops and arrange the sashes as required.

For more party dress inspiration, check out Perfect Party Dresses. With 12 smocked dresses and three petticoats, this book has everything you need to make your little girl's party dress dreams come true this year.

Sew On, Sew Well, Sew Beautiful,
Cyndi and Amelia